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Monday, May 26, 2008

Killer Wheels

Pictionary. It seems like a fairly simple game. You read the card, pick something to draw, and your team guesses what you drew. Easy, right? Not so at our house tonight. Our new daughters have little to no exposure to family games, or family time at all, for that matter. There is definitely a learning curve involved!

To be fair, it's often difficult to tell what the younger kids are drawing. That's why we make sure an adult is on each team, to help with the guessing when the drawings are difficult to decipher. And, sometimes, those who haven't yet developed good reading skills need help reading the card. Fine. No big deal.

So we played Pictionary tonight. Padme went first - she drew a globe and Greenland. No problem. Then Lil Yoda went - she drew a fairly decent looking washing machine, but ran out of time so we never guessed it.

On Angel's turn, she first asked if she could just draw the design that was on the back of the card. At that point I told Baloo, "I thought you guys explained this game to the new kids!" He returned, "We thought we did!"

We explained that, no, she must read the card, then draw one of the objects listed on the card. She drew a lovely sailboat, all the while saying, "It's an object! It's an object!" We guessed it and applauded her. Then, she returned her card to Daddy, who pointed out that sailboat was not, in fact, on her card and she couldn't just randomly pick something to draw. Pretty funny, but probably a common mistake.

When Dora's turn came up, she asked Baloo to help her read the card. She decided what to draw and began. She drew a circle, then scribbled all around it and over it. "I'm done!" she announced, then turned around, expecting us to know immediately what she had drawn. We had no clue. We convinced her to draw it a different way. This time, she drew a circle, and cut it into pie slices. Again, the scribble all around it. We gave up. She wouldn't let us give up, and kept scribbling around it. Finally, she looked at us like we were idiots and said, "Killer Wheel! See the wheel and the fire all around it?"


Baloo, at this point, was rofl, and informed us that the card actually read, "Killer Whale."


Ginger said...

We played Cranium with my grandma once. We explained that she had to hum a song and handed her the card. She immediately starts humming: God Bless America.
Hubby says: That's not what's on the card! She says: You just told me to hum something. That's what I picked!

Where are the pics???

The Mom said...

That is so funny!

Jubilee said...

That's funny, Ginger! I love games about music. Have you ever played Encore? It's a lot of fun, if you like music.

fishing222 said...

we played one of those word guessing games onetime with a fisherman friend of Sams. It was really funny b/c every clue had to do with fishing, no matter what. Like grocery store clue was where you go to get bait for fishing. Love your blogs.