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Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Mother Auma has tagged me for a meme. I am to list three of my favorite things. I don't think this question is fair, I'll have you know, because she was able to list her three children and I am soon to have six. But that's another story...

Those of you who know me, know I am rather flighty. Favorites are always difficult for me to choose, because I love so many things! (And I tend toward the dramatic).

That said, my three favorite things, today, are:

1. My favorite color is blue. Not just any blue, mind you, but the clear, deep cerulean that we sometimes see in the sky.

2. My favorite animal is the horse. They are beautiful, strong and majestic. Also I like that they are intelligent. Stupid animals annoy me.

3. My favorite time of day is the morning. Prior to moving to the lake, I didn't care for mornings and usually slept through them. Here, though, I love to listen to the birds sing. I love the coolness and freshness of the morning, and the sense of renewal that the whole world seems to exude. I never before noticed the way mornings are so full of life.

Thanks, Mother Auma, for the tag. Tell Triss it was a great idea, and I love her Avatar. It is very...her!

I tag Ginger, The Sparks Circus and Karen at The Herd! What are your three favorites?


Ginger said...

I feel so special!
Now, please expound. Tell us about stupid animals. :D
Enjoy your blog *when* you choose to update it. Sigh.

So excited for you guys and your adoption! What's up with not blogging about that???

The Herd said...

Woohoo! I did ours over at our site, so you can check it out now:)
Thanks for sharing an insight to your thoughts--especially the horse detail!!!

Have you loaded the class movie onto youtube yet?

The Mom said...

I did ours too

Jubilee said...

Stupid animals - are annoying in many ways. I am particularly annoyed by the ones without the sense to stay off of the road. And the yippy ones. Don't like that, either.

Delays in blogging - sorry, I'm a loser.

Adoption blogging - waiting intentionally. But it's coming tonight!

Jubilee said...

Katie Herd, I have not yet posted the video. Please see my prior comment, about blogging delays, for the reason why.

The Mom said...

So Julie I have no problem saying no to things the reason I read boundaries is so I can create boundaries with the crazy people that seem so attracted to our family. You know the friend I am talking about it was nothing for her to call at 11:15 at night and expect to spill her whole days event for the next 2 hours. Since the crazed seem so attracted to our family ugh we even had an event last night that bordered on bizarre