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Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun with our new sisters

Here are a few pictures from our first few days with our new sisters.  The kids are all learning to get along well.  It took them a few days to get to know each other well enough to find things they could all enjoy playing together, and now they really have fun with each other.  The new girls are extremely smart, but developmentally delayed, so Padme and Lil Yoda had to adjust their expectations a bit.  Now that we all understand each other better, we are able to play pretty well.

Manicures and pedicures with The Queen-to-Be and Grandma Lori.  Papa Sparky, Grandma Lori, The Queen-to-Be, The Wacky Prince and The Chef came over to meet the girls, and to celebrate The Queen-to-Be and The Wacky Prince's birthdays last month. We had a great day, grilling out, playing outside, playing video games and painting nails.
We don't know  what Lil Yoda was doing with her tongue.  And I'm pretty sure that's her own foot.  Wendy is just smilin' and looking' cute!

Aren't Big Sisters great?  Padme is painting little flowers on Dora's nails.
That's Grandma Lori, the one that doesn't look like a grandma. :)
Dora wanted me to take a picture of her two Barbie heads.  They really didn't bring much stuff, but she loves these Barbie heads!

We love to make our own pizzas!  Everyone gets to make their own, just as they like it.  The new girls don't have any experience at all in the kitchen, so they get very excited when they get to cook! Notice the jar near Padme, she likes alfredo on her pizza.
Daddy is the best dough pounder.  Angel was covered head-to-foot in flour by the time we finished!  We have learned it's best for her to bathe after meals, rather than before!
Dora has a natural pounding instinct.  She is very determined and wants to be self-sufficient.  She would not accept anyone's help.  Even though it took her longer, she got it done!  We love her hard-working, never-give-up spirit!

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