"Mothers work wonders once they are convinced that wonders are demanded of them." ~Charlotte Mason

Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun with Friends

In the summers, we enjoy playing with our neighbors.  The weather has been warming up quickly here, and Mr. Dave and Mrs. Shelly invited us to bring our new sisters over to swim.  They can't yet swim well, so we kept them safe with life jackets.  Mrs. Shelly said we can give them swimming lessons in their pool this week.  I think they will learn quickly.

Here, Wendy is riding a Sea-Doo water rocket toy.  She is able to control its speed, and had so much fun with this!  We were very proud of her & Dora for trying it. 

Mr. Dave's pool doesn't have a slide, so Lil Yoda and our neighbor created their own!

Dads are way more fun in the pool than moms.  Daddy played Mr. Flipper for about an hour.

Dora, chillin' with her books and grape soda.   Ain't she cute?

The Daddy Ride again.  :)
And again.  We don't know why he has a bad back...
Dora & Angel, floating on their backs.  Nevermind that they are lying on a step.  They also impressed us by putting their faces underwater.  Angel is especially good at holding her breath underwater.

Here, we are playing at "our lake."  This huge float was a house-warming gift from a friend.  Half of it is a deck, and half has a net that the kids can sit in (or cannonball into), so that they are in the water but still safe in the tube.  And, we discovered, it can comfortably hold at least 8 kids and one adult.

I told Padme she looks as though she is stranded in a flood, except that this water is ankle deep.


The Herd said...

What wonderful posts!! I love all the pictures...looks like you guys have a full house!

Jubilee said...

We do, but our neighbors' house is bigger. We could still fit a few more in over there! :0)

The Mom said...

My grandkids are the most adorable things. I can't wait to see them again :)