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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Adoption Announcement

We would like to introduce you all to our new sisters! However they are, as yet, nameless. Well, they do have names, but I forgot to have them create cybernames. So, you will have to be happy with their ages & descriptions for now.

We have been praying and waiting for these children for ever so long. We always knew our family was not yet complete. We know the Lord set aside these precious souls just for us, and we couldn't be more thrilled!

I have not yet blogged about the girls, because I wanted to wait until I had met them. We started this process in February of 07, went to training in June 07, did our homestudy in November 07 and were approved in Jan 08. Within just a few weeks, we were asked to adopt three precious little girls! The Lord orchestrated everything in His perfect timing, and we have seen His hand throughout this process. We are stepping out in faith by adding three at once, but we know the Lord will equip us for what He asks of us!

This weekend, we finally got to meet our new daughters, and they stayed the weekend with us! Now we want to share them with you!

Our new 8yo dd (far right in the picture) is intelligent, friendly and quiet. We were unable to produce a quiet child through biological means, but have always envied those who could. So, we adopted one. She is a thinker, and living life at a slower pace allows her to really notices things that most people would overlook. She is on the A/B Honor Roll at school, and wants us to know she gets 100s on all her math and spelling tests! She loves to help people, especially her new Mama!

The second dd is 7 yo (far left in the picture), and is a bundle of energy. This daughter reminds me of Lil Yoda, in that she keeps us all in stitches. There will never be a dull moment with these two together under the same roof! This daughter jokes and laughs and has an infectious smile. She is easygoing and easy to please, and she loves to eat as much as Lil Yoda! She and her sisters enjoyed helping cook dinner, while they were here this weekend. She told me she put extra love in it for us!

Our new youngest daughter is 6yo (second from the right in the picture). She is a little charmer, and will steal your heart the moment you meet her. She is very smart and has a heart that wants to please. She also likes to help her Mama with things around the house. She showed me her school folder, and she got a smiley face every day this month for good behavior! I may need to start a smiley face chart at home!  This one is my little tomato (thanks, Ginger!) and I look forward to having her by my side for the next few weeks!

I know this is getting long, and I will have the rest of their lives to write about them, so I'll wrap this up now. We will have them again this weekend, and then they come home for good the following weekend!  Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of children!  What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!


Ginger said...

Getting long?? That post wasn't long enough! Woo-Hoo!! for you guys! I'm so excited for you all. What a blessing.

More! Give us more!

The Mom said...

They are such a sweet gift from God. Grandma Lori can't wait to meet them.

The Herd said...

Congratulations! Katie can't wait to meet them...it might be awhile...but she can't wait!
We are soooo happy for you all!

Jubilee said...

Thanks for your encouragement, everyone! More updates will come, don't worry!

How do you find time to blog, Ginger? :0)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you!! Congrat's!