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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Locks of Love, Take Two

Wendy, Angel and Dora decided they wanted to cut their hair, and donate it to Locks of Love as Padme and Lil Yoda did last summer. Actually, Wendy wanted to get her hair cut first, in honor of her ninth birthday.  She thought short hair would make her look older (she was right, don't you think?).  When Angel & Dora saw how quickly she was able to brush her hair in the mornings (10 seconds, max), they begged to cut their hair as well!  I think they all turned out pretty cute!
Angel donated 14 inches!  She also cut bangs, which has been great because she had all of these "baby hairs" that were just long enough that they were constantly in her mouth! 
Doesn't she look so cute with bangs?

Dora donated 11 inches!  She was not even scheduled for a haircut, but our sweet hairdresser had an open time slot after Angel's, and Dora begged and begged to have hers cut as well!  
Doesn't she just look adorable?

Wendy cut 14 inches, too!  Of course you have seen her haircut already, in her birthday post.  We think she looks so beautiful and grown up, and she really can have her hair fixed in 10 seconds!  This is a great hairstyle - it just won't mess up!  Good choice, Wendy!

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