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Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday, Wendy!

Our 2nd eldest daughter turns 9 today!  Happy Birthday, Wendy!  You have blessed our family so much in the short time you've lived here.  We look forward to celebrating all of your birthdays with you!

We had lunch with Mema and Poppie today.  They gave her a purse with money in it!  They are such wonderful grandparents to all of our little sweeties!
Wendy & Daddy had a special date today.  Daddy bought her this outfit, and she even got her ears pierced!  This was a huge surprise to Mommy!  As you can see, she also cut her hair recently for Locks of Love, but I'll save that for a different post.

They had a wonderful birthday date, shopping, going to a movie and eating out together.   Wendy spent her birthday money at Build-a-Bear (she bought the pink cat above).  She also bought a Disney princess play set at the Disney Store, and a toucan Webkinz she named Taco.  

Wendy is a blessing in so many ways.  We thank the Lord for bringing her into our lives, we just wish we had been there for her first 8 birthdays!  It is hard to believe this confident young lady with the pierced ears and grown-up haircut is the same shy, withdrawn little girl who came into our home just 2 months ago.  We are so proud of your progress, Wendy.  You are maturing and growing up so very quickly.

Happy Birthday, Wendy.  We love you!

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Señora Smith said...

What a special birthday to have your dad all to yourself AND get your ears pierced! Happy Birthday to Wendy. I was only 5 years old when I got my ears pierced for my birthday, but I remember it very well as one of my best birthdays of all time. Wendy will too, I'm sure! Not to mention it being her first bday with her new forever family!