"Mothers work wonders once they are convinced that wonders are demanded of them." ~Charlotte Mason

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Top Ten List, Part 3

For the past two days I shared the first half of my Top Ten Things I Learned to Say as a Momma. Those five were things I have learned to say to my children.

The remainder is a list of things I say to myself. Sometimes, out loud. So, without further adieu:

#5. "This, too, shall pass."
Whether it's a baby who keeps you up all night crying, or a high schooler who keeps you up all night talking, just remember....This, too, shall pass. This applies to good moments as well as difficult ones! Whatever the stage, they will only be in it for the briefest moment. Then, that moment will be gone and it will be too late to enjoy it. So, whatever the stage, take a bird's eye view and enjoy the ride!

#4. "They are not out to get me!"
I'm actually serious about this one. No matter how much it might seem that everyone in the house has plotted against you to maintain a messy home with peanut butter-stained windows and an obstacle course on the stairs, they are NOT out to get you!

Most of the time, they really want to please you.
But, they get tired.
And they get sad.
And they get busy.
And they forget.
Just like we do.

When I realized they aren't doing this "to me," I am able to step back, breathe, and focus on training, rather than take offense and get angry.

#3. "There's a time for that."
This is most helpful to me with regard to messes. I have learned that having a housekeeping schedule maintains peace and order in our home. If I know that there is a time later today that's already set aside for someone to address that mess, I am able to ignore it for now, and enjoy the moment. Which leads me to #2....

#2. "Let it go."
Not every mistake needs to be corrected. Not every lesson has to be taught verbally. I have six children. If I point out every mistake, every mess, made by every one of them, I will be griping all day long. If I'm fussing at them all day, they just learn to ignore me. And they learn that raising children isn't fun. And they learn to avoid me and our home. This is not what I want; I want my children to see what a joy they are to me, and what a joy it is to raise them. I want them to enjoy our family and our home.

I am learning to just let things go. This is difficult for me, but I have noticed that, when I do, our home has an atmosphere of peace. The rest of the home mirrors my mood.

And the #1 I say to myself, as a Momma?

"God isn
't finished, yet!"
God is not finished with my children, yet. He is saving them, daily, from the bondage of sin. He is training them in righteousness, conforming them to His image. But, He isn't finished, yet. And He isn't finished with me, either! We have to teach our children to understand this concept, and show them grace as they learn to be like Christ. In turn, they will learn to extend grace to the unfinished works around them.

Keep these thoughts in mind as you snuggle your children today.
And pray.
A lot.

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