"Mothers work wonders once they are convinced that wonders are demanded of them." ~Charlotte Mason

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Being thus arrived in a good harbor and brought safe to land, they fell upon their knees and blessed the God of heaven, who had brought them over the vast and furious ocean, and delivered them from all the perils and miseries thereof, again to set their feet on the firm and stable earth, their proper element." ~~William Bradford

I am thankful this year for the Lord's provision and protection. I am thankful for His many blessings, including a wonderful husband that I don't deserve and six beautiful children who love Him. I am thankful for our new home. I am thankful for the love that we have in our family. I am thankful most of all for His love that covers all of my sins, and yours as well.
Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are able to enjoy some precious time with your family and friends.

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