"Mothers work wonders once they are convinced that wonders are demanded of them." ~Charlotte Mason

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Beautiful, Snowy Day!

North Texas today received its annual dusting of snow.

Except, this year, we got several inches of snow!! We can barely contain our excitement!

The snow began just after noon today. Certain we would not even get enough snow to cover the grass, I sent the girls out to enjoy what little there was.

But, lo and behold, an hour and a half later it was still snowing!
After another hour - still snowing! I was in shock by this point.
By this time, we couldn't even see the lake anymore - it's that misty place just beyond the trees.

We discovered that a couple of hours in the snow makes children cold and exhausted. We all cuddled up with some hot chocolate and watched Zathura with Daddy...in the middle of the day! What a treat!

We went next door to play with our neighbors as soon as they got home from school. (They were released early because of the snow. We do that around here.)

After more hot chocolate & warming up, we all came to our house to try the sleds on our long, steep driveway. In case you're wondering why we have sleds, we don't. Our neighbors do, because they're Yankees. And anyway, 2 of the sleds are really pool floats...

Nope, too powdery. The sled just sank into the snow. It worked great with Mr. Dave pulling it, though!
We had a wonderful day playing in the snow together, and more is expected tomorrow. What a blessing! Our Friday co-op has been canceled, no one is working and we are declaring a Snow Day from school! Yea!!!
I was going to include some nature pictures I took today, but I'll post them separately as this is getting quite long!


Anonymous said...

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Katie said...

Beautiful! The pictures of the gate look like Narnia.