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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Child Talks of God

Accountability request: I have attempted a couple of blogs in the past, but never seem to find the time to keep them up and, alas! they find their way onto the list of Things I Intend To Do Someday.

Well, someday is now. Er, again...

Anyway, this blog is entirely different, because this blog was inspired by my sweet youngest daughter, Lil Yoda, who wrote a poem about God and wanted to share it with the world. So here it is:

I love God so much.
He was the one who took the evil
And put them in prison.
He was the one who amazed the Israelites
And turned them back to Him.
He was the one who calls Himself a Lamb.
He died for us.
He L-O-V-E loves us.

He was the Preacher/Pastor/Teacher.
Some people still think He is too old
To do things He used to do.
But he is not.
He made all of us.
He loves us.

He made the animals.
He loves US.

Have joy.

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