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Friday, January 9, 2009

Soup's On!

I have always had a disinclination towards soup. I don't know what it is, really. Maybe because I live in an area with many January days, like today, with temperatures in the seventies. We do have cold weather here in North Texas, but the few below-freezing days we have, like Monday of this week, are often followed by a 40 degree swing the next day, like Tuesday of this week, resulting in a sunny 70ish afternoon. Since the cold weather doesn't usually last long, we never really ate much soup growing up. It just wasn't needed. I know many find it warm and comforting, but I just don't get it.

That said, I have designated Tuesday and Thursday nights as Soup Nights, for two main reasons. First, we don't get home on those nights until around 8:00 and I grew weary of packing "dinners" to eat at the gymnastics facility where we spend Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Packing food for seven people, twice a week, isn't as fun as it sounds and rarely measures up to my nutrition standards. Second, soup feeds a lot of people for a small price. We have a lot of people. And we like small prices. So I decided to like soup. And, after much concerted mental effort, I have succeeded.

One problem. I have spent the past Three Decades Plus, disliking soup. It seems to be pretty easy to make a decent soup. I like that part - lots of room for error. However, I'd like to make some really great soups

So . . . please post your recipe for your favorite, really great, soup! I'm open to creative ideas as well as Old Favorites. But, remember, it must be really great. You get extra points if it's really, really great. Let's get those ideas flowing, Tuesday's only four days away!

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The Mom said...


This is one of favorite soup recipes. We eat with tortillas chips. On Fridays I put in the crockpot on Warm all day and it is ready after co-op, it is yummy.