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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Penguins like it cold

It has been very cold in Texas tonight. When we left church this evening it was a frigid 53 degrees. Okay so it's not that cold, but we enjoyed mid-70 degree days last week, and low sixties this week. Amazing how a drop of just a few degrees can seem so much colder!

As we left church, we stopped to get gas. Lil Yoda wanted to help Daddy pump the gas.

I remember helping my Daddy pump the gas. I loved that! Sometimes I'd even get to run inside and pay the cashier! What a treat that was! :) Man, my parents were good. But I digress...

So Lil Yoda and Daddy are pumping gas in the aforementioned Freezing Winter Weather. Daddy is wearing a nice, warm leather jacket. Lil Yoda is holding a penguin Webkinz and freezing. As her Daddy is a gentleman, he offered this Sweet Young Thing his coat.

Lil Yoda quickly accepted the jacket, put it on and said to her Daddy, "Here, Daddy. You hold Waddles. He likes the cold!"

Daddies, you understand, do not. But they really like their little girls.

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The Mom said...

ahh Julie how sweet!