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Monday, October 8, 2007

Personality Insights

We went to a wonderful seminar this weekend that explained the different personality types. We have done these assessments before, and I am always eager to reassess & see how I have (or haven't) grown.

Basically, all people are split into 4 basic personality types. Most people are a blend of several different types, and most people can change as their environment demands. That's okay - that's what Christ did!

The two questions to ask are :
1) Are you more outgoing or more reserved? (Dh likes better the question, Do you tell (outgoing) or do you ask (reserved)?)
2) Are you more task-oriented or more people oriented?

From these 2 questions, you have 4 different categories of personalities:

1) D- Outgoing & task oriented
2) I- Outgoing & people oriented
3) S-Reserved & people oriented
4) C-Reserved & task oriented

Thus, the DISC method.

Here's what we discovered:

King Louie is a D/IS personality. This means he is primarily a Driver, Doer, Dominant type. Secondly he is Inspiring and thirdly he is Supportive, Sensitive and Stable. Actually his I & S were almost equal. This is not particularly surprising.

Jubilee is an ID/S personality. My I (have fun, be the star) ranks just below my D (take control, conquer the world). I was excited that I showed some S (sensitive, care about people) this time. I had none last time I did this assessment, about 3 years ago, and have been praying I would have more mercy and be better able to show love to people.

Eragon tested as an S/IC personality. So mainly he is stable and easy to please. Secondly he is fun-loving and thirdly he likes order. I thought his secondary trait would be D, but I have been told that a frustrated S often appears as a D. S's like everyone to be happy, they like to maintain the peace & the status quo. When that doesn't happen, they sometimes get frustrated & D-ish symptoms come out (i.e. being bossy & yelling). Still, he is a teller, not an asker, so I don't know whether the assessment was entirely accurate here. I am betting his were all pretty close together - haven't seen his graph yet.

Padme tested as an S/IC as well. I think this is pretty accurate of her. She does like stability and tends to be sensitive (that's the S). She is a performer (that's the I) and also likes things in order (that's the C). The graph shows her S as "very high" and her I & C even with each other, and above average. What's interesting about this report is that it shows your basic tendencies (listed here) and how you adapt to your environment. According to this, Padme easily pulls up her D, and just as easily pulls down her I and C when needed. I think this is very true. She can be quite bossy when she thinks she's right, she is level headed and pulls out of fun if it's too risky, and she has probably learned to live with disorder because she lives in my house.

Lil Yoda tested an S/C. She actually tested a very high S, and her D, I and C were all almost even, and pretty average. She tends to push her I way up as needed in her environment, and pulls her D and C down. Her S always stays up. That's good, I think. That tells me she always cares about people, no matter the situation. I think this accurately describes Lil Yoda. She really does care about people, and is very resistant to change.

This has been an enlightening assessment, overall. I do think the younger 2 may still be a bit young to test accurately, but still the insight is helpful.

Besides helping you understand yourself, the kids' assessments also provided help for the parents and teachers. The teen assessment also included career recommendations. Very cool.

Tonight we go to bed understanding each other better. :) Very very cool.

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